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<strong >”That Ben Guy” – Episode #112

This Episode:

  • GOM Apologizes for Byun vs NesTea
  • NASL Finals
  • WCS Finals
  • MMA Looking to Leave Slayers
  • Impressive Stats from MLG
  • iNcontroL & desRow Talk Low Twitch Payout
  • Stephano Takes on Airport Security
  • Starcraft on the Wii U
  • Feedback

Hosts: Garrett and Kyle

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GOMApologizesforByunvsNesTeaSet 1

LG-IMNesTea and LG-IM’s coach, Dong-Hoon Kang, realized there had been a change to the map and requested confirmation. At this point the match had already ended so they only requested a revision of the map for future matches. They did not ask for a rematch and accepted the loss. We would like to thank LG-IMNesTea and the LG-IM Team for this courageous decision.

The supply depot issue has now been fixed and Metropolis has been re-published. It will be used in upcoming GSL and GSTL matches in its revised state.



in Toronto, Canada, along with Canadian WCS.

Scarlett takes the Canadian WCS tournament, with live audience singing the Canadian national anthem.  First win of this caliber for a female Starcraft player.

Scarlett Runs off before being interviewed on her win.

“Okay, to stop all this speculation — it is true I am MtF transgender, and I kind of expected this reaction. I have never tried to bring attention to myself for anything other than my play, so I don’t feel like this should be a big deal,”

Stephano 4-0’s Slayers_Alicia to win NASL Season 3 and take home $30,000



Blizzard announces that Shanghai, China will be the location for the WCS Finals on November 17th and 18th.



GSL Season 3 Code S Semifinals

SK_MC (P) vs MVP_DongRaeGu (Z)

  1. Burnt out DRG, cant play in his home town finals.
  2. DRG got ROLLED

IM_Seed (P) vs GhostKing_Prime (T)

  1. Game 2: Hellion 19 prob kills -these all looked like zvt
  2. Game 3: Byuns crazy sniper micro.
  3. Game 4: Seeds epic time wasting strats
  4. Seed wins

PvP Finals

Artosis Mustache?



after being demoted to Slayers’ B-team.

ESFI Quotes:

  1. SlayerS announced on July 17 that Sung-Won ‘MMA’ Moon had been demoted to its B-team and that he was sent out of the team house and back to his home.
  2. MMA refused to be demoted to the B-team and now wishes to transfer to a foreign team. MMA’s contract with SlayerS hasn’t expired yet, however. Bilateral approval from both parties is required to make any moves happen.



More 18-24 male viewer than the Rose Bowl.


iNcontroL & desRow Talk Low Twitch Payout

via ESFIWorld

  1. “Fans and broadcasters should be aware that ad revenue is not as simple an equation as it may seem,” said TwitchTV VP of Advertising Scott Newton. “There are many variables that can result in lower (and higher) ad revenue at any given moment: seasonality, time of day, geography, fill-rate, and more can affect ad revenue.”
  2. “There are many variables that can result in lower (and higher) ad revenue at any given moment…” – TwitchTV VP of Advertising Scott Newton
  3. Only a portion of viewers of any particular broadcast will receive an ad and broadcasters only make money when this happens. This variable describes the rate at which viewers receive ads and is commonly referred to as the fill-rate. While it can vary greatly, figures released by broadcasters indicate that their fill is currently low.
  4. “Streamed for 7 hours with an average of 2200 concurrent viewers and I ran 35 commercials. = 38$ HIGH ROLLING wtffffff thought CBSi was a +?” tweeted iNcontroL
  5. Our analysis of the figures published in iNcontroL tweets indicates that he received a fill-rate of approximately 14% – a possible cause for the low returns he has been experiencing.
  6. desRow similarly characterized his fill-rate as “subpar compared to YouTube” and in the 25% range.



via StephanosTwitter


“If you tell a US Customs/Immigration Officer you are entering the USA to “work” and you are going there for your “Job”, regardless of the nature of the job, they are going to want to know your Visa situation and if it is a work one or a tourist one, etc. The word “work” without the proper visa gets them all riled up and has always done so.”

Kennigit says:

“I “knew a guy” who lied and said he was visiting a girl. Dont do this. They did a full background check to make sure he hadn’t spent too many days in country and was trying to immigrate (by marrying her eventually)”


“The problem I have with the iPhone interface is the big meaty sausages called my fingers that are always in the way,” Browder told me, explaining that he thinks devices like the iPhone and iPad work well for games that allow you to casually lift up and put down your fingers.

“If I can control a cursor on the television with my hand on the touchscreen, that might be able to work,” he said. “[But] because of the hotkey scenario, it’s not like players actually play StarCraft with the mouse only—they play with the mouse and keyboard… We obviously allow new users to play mouse-only and that’s really fun, but when you get serious about the game you do move into the mouse and keyboard space.”

Back when Sony was first showing off its PlayStationMove motion-control accessory, their people came to Blizzard to demonstrate how it might work for a game like StarCraft II.

“The demo that I saw was really fun because the guy who came in and showed it to us was a bigStarCraft fan, and he put a significant amount of effort into trying to make it work,” Browder said.

“And when I tried it, I wanted to kill myself. I found it very difficult to make it work. I believe that if I had practiced as much as he had, I would’ve enjoyed it more… but for us it felt like it was gonna be a lot more effort to still make that work, to still make that really sing. And for us, control is king, and it’s so critical. Everything’s gotta move when you tell it to move. It’s gotta be really tight. You can’t feel like you’re battling the interface.”



I just wanted to tell y’all how awesome my boss is. He used to play pro StarCraft2 and he has practiced with Mana. He has also played WarCraft 3 with Grubby. Just wanted to tell y’all that. Also, some friends and I are making something very big for StarCraft and we would like StarCast’s support. I’ll explain more of it later. Keep up the great work.



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