Episode 84

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“StarCast with Girls of StarCraft!” – Episode #84

This Episode:

  • GoSC Interview with @LivinpinkSC2 and @BrightSIde_GoSC
  • Starcraft in 2011 – a recap
  • Balance Changes from GSL’s David Kim
  • Drewbies Guild to Terran
  • Foreigner Scene Needs Sex Appeal
  • Team EG adds Korean Protoss JYP
  • Eye on E-Sports
  • New Years Resolutions and Scandals
  • IPL
  • Homestory Cup IV (was awesome)
  • Team Light Reborn
  • Listener Emails
  • Natural Expansion
  • King Octavious’ Sci-Fi In My StarcraftThe Final Episode
  • Sandman’s Modspot
  • Laws of 2v2
  • iTunes 5 Star Reviews – Thank You

Hosts: Garrett and Kyle

Contributers: Sandman, King Octavious, InternetDave, Sun King, icdcoffee,

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On January 12th – MLG referee MLG Wiggins will be our guest host for episode 85.

On January 26th – EGMachine will be joining us for 87.

On February 9th – EGInControl will be our guest host.

I’d like to dedicate this episode of StarCast to my Grandfather Arthur.  He passed away yesterday and it’s been a rough couple of days.  You will be missed.


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GoSC Interview


  1. Introduce yourselfs.
  2. For those who don’t know, what is GoSC?
  3. What are your roles within the GoSC?
  4. What race do you play?
  5. Why did you choose your race?
  6. Worst matchup?


  1. whats your favorite strategy or build?
  2. how many times do you play per week?
  3. What is your gaming rig setup?


  1. Have you always been into video games? If so, which ones?
  2. What was your first console?
  3. What was the first game that solidified your existence as a gamer?


  1. How did you get into starcraft?


  1. What kind of gamer are you? : IE- Trashtalker, Team Player, Obsessive Compulsive Sim-Cityesque player, Cheeser, Methodical, etc…


  1. Why did you decide to be so involved in the community?
  2. Who is your favorite non-gaming role model?



  1. What do games mean to you?
  2. do you have any plans to make it into a career rather than just a hobby?
  3. If so how do you plan to take it more serious and achieve any possible goals.


  1. When playing online with other games, do you actively hide your gender or tell it like it is? Why?


  1. Why do you think that girls (in general) are less into games than men are?
  2. Do you see the paradigm of girls and gaming will changing any time in the future, i.e, will girls be more into gaming in the following years?
  3. Both online and in real life, what is the most common stance in men when they discover you are girl gamers?
  1. What would you say to those who believe that men are better at videogames and sports than women?



  1. Sort of an opinion question, but why do you think there haven’t been as many girls in big tournaments like MLG? Lots of girls I know in real life who play Starcraft seem to follow the e-sports scene more rather than the actual game.


  1. How do you feel about women gamers gaining notoriety though means other than playing/casting the games; whether it’s a previous profession, appearance on camera (fashion/look), connection to a more famous personality, or other means?
  2. Follow Up: Do you think that women gamers should embrace the extra attention given to them by a majority male audience for Stracraft 2 and other esports?
  3. Follow Up: The “sexy nerd” is a very powerful marketing tool in the current advertising environment. It is being used to great effect in video games and marketing campaigns as well as in esports. It is more potent than previous forms of “sex sells” marketing techniques, especially among the “nerd culture.” Do you think this movement is good for you and the other GoSC participants, or is it setting gender equality back and making your efforts more difficult?


  1. Do you have any stories of male players trash talking you, only to get crushed? Add names if you like, we’ll troll them for you!
  1. Do you ladies have any BF’s? And if so, how do they feel knowing you can easily best them in such a thought provoking game as SC2?



  1. Do you feel like you are treated differently (better or worse) because you are female?




  1. How do you think a boy can get his girlfriend to get interested or at least understand or appreciate the passion for eSports and games?


  1. I have a daughter, what advice, inspiration, or experience have you received from your family that you call upon in your gaming endeavors or just in your day to day life?
  2. Who’s your favorite pro player to watch/cheer for?
  3. Have you ever been to a barcraft? What did you think?


  1. If given a chance, who would you challenge to a showmatch and why?


  1. It’s 2012, do you have any gaming related resolutions? Any other resolutions you want to share with the Starcast community?


  1. Do you streaming live on Twitch.tv or Justin.tv? If so, where and when can we watch you pwning n00bs?

Status Report

2011 StarCraft:

  1. January:
    1. saw a leaked heart of the swarm trailer.
    2. Hallucination research time decreased
    3. Void Ray Speed Upgrade Removed
    4. Pheonix build time decressed.
    5. SCV threat priority
  2. Febuary:
    1. Jungle Basin Removed
    2. Still Calling Vikings Ravens, Ravens Vultures and forgetting what hardened sheilds were.
  3. March
    1. Lost Temple Still had those horrible islands for seige tanks.
    2. Khaydarin Amulet Removed
    3. Fungle Growth duration decreased from 8 to 4 seconds
    4. Grand Masters League Added
    5. Ability to “viking flower” removed
  4. April
    1. Warp Gate Research time increased from 140-180, gateway unit build times reduced.
    2. Spore Crawler burrow time reduced.
    3. Archons become massive
    4. Bunker Salvage Reduced.
  5. August
    1. Unit vision up ramps decressed.
    2. Immortal Range Increase
    3. Blink Research time increased
    4. Ultralisk Build time Decreased
    5. Seeker missile movement speed increased.
    6. Warp Prism Shields increased.


MULE — Too effective when used on high yield mineral patches.

    1. the GSL recently removed high yield patches from its maps in response to this concern.
    2. t the change really did reduce terran effectiveness in the GSL specifically, but because the terran race does unusually well in Korea, it all balanced out.
    3. Regardless, we don’t jump to conclusions and we’re still investigating. If further research suggests conclusively that MULEs do offer too much of an advantage to terran players when used on high yield minerals, we’ll consider an appropriate course of action then.

Spawn Larvae — This requires too much management; even pro players are unable to manage Spawn Larvae perfectly.

    1. We intentionally make different aspects of the game difficult for the different races.
    2.  Spawn Larvae is more difficult to manage than Chrono Boost or MULEs, but zerg has other advantages — for example, unit production is relatively easy to manage for zerg compared with the other races.

Reapers — Give Reapers back the early-game speed upgrade.

    1. We tend to agree that Reapers can stand to see some improvement. We like the unit, but the problem previously was that Reapers with Nitro Packs were too effective versus zerg in the early game.
    2. As we discussed at BlizzCon, we’re taking a hard look at the Reaper, and we’re experimenting with different options to see where Reapers can fit into the terran arsenal with Heart of the Swarm.

Terran — Stop nerfing us!

    1. We don’t like making changes unless they’re necessary. Still, we will continue to make small adjustments that we feel need to be made

EMP — Radius decrease is too significant.

    1. We feel that the dynamic between protoss and terran especially was in need of a change

Choke Points — More variance in choke point placement on maps.

    1. We love variety, but maps play a significant role in how balance is achieved, and with that in mind, we need to maintain a certain amount of consistency in map features.
    2. We also look for other ways to make maps interesting and unique, though it’s difficult to do that without potentially hurting a map’s tournament potential. Typically, tournament map creation is subject to a lot of restrictions, which is also why so many tournament maps share features with one another.

Khaydarin Amulet — Bring it back!

    1. when the Khaydarin Amulet was still available, we would see players do things like spread pylons everywhere simply to gain the ability to warp in High Templars and storm passing armies.
    2. there wasn’t a lot of decision making about which ability would be used

Void Ray — Damage output is difficult to read in-game.

    1. We’ll take a closer look at how the graphic communicates damage output to players at various skill levels. If it does turn out to be unclear, we’ll find ways to improve it.

Protoss Play Style — More variety please!

    1. We’re definitely looking at ways to give protoss players more tactical options and more strategic paths. We’ll probably achieve this via new units which will be added in Heart of the Swarm.


Thanks to listener BosCo for emailing us this link.

A Popular TL Forum Thread This Past Week:


TL user FrayzZeUsher posted the following on December 30th:

“People talk about spreading esports so much, yet everyone seems to ignore the elephant in the room. Western pro-gamers need style!

Western concept of a ‘pro gamer’:

Korean concept of a ‘pro gamer’:

I believe the pro scene of Brood War has been popularised due to reinvented image of a hardcore gamer, this is largely responsible due to Kespa’s regulations of keeping the pros in a exercise regime to keep the players active and healthy looking and encourages them to behave and look a certain way. This caused female fans to become more accepting to esports, after all 50% of the population are girls.

The western idea of hardcore gamers being unnatractive and unhealthy is true for the most part! Likely the reason why there are so few female fans in the foreigner scene compared to the asian scene.

The question is, should there be a concious effort to improve the appearance of western pro gamers? let’s talk.”

    1. Naniwa responded immediately with “im up for photoshoot any time.”

Eye on eSports

The New years resolutions and scandals


Homestory Cup

For the unfortunate souls who missed HSC3 last year, you guys are in for a treat. The tournament isn’t hosted at a convention center – instead it takes place at TakeSen’s apartment in Germany. The tournament seeks to emulate the casual, laid-back atmosphere of LAN parties between a circle of friends, except it throws in $15,000 of prize money to up the competitiveness.


Gom.tv arena of legends

GSL Season one starts Jan 9th.


EG Brings on JYP (formerly of TSL) for 2012



Also, check out KingOctavious’s interview with the New EG-member JYP



Team Light was originally a very successful non-Korean Brood War team founded in 2002.  They were shut down in February of 2010

Head on over to the Team Liquid thread to see interviews with their new roster KawaiiRice, binski, Heavens and Caliber.

Natural Expansion




KingOctavious Final Sci-Fi in my StarCraft:

Sandman’s Modspot

Sun King’s: The Laws of 2v2


Hi Kyle & Garrett.  I started listening to the podcast couple months

ago and loved it even though I had yet to purchase SC2.  During

Christmas vacation I couldn’t stand it any longer and bought a copy

and love it despite my own ineptitude.  I probably would have passed

this by if not for your podcast, so I blame you for taking me away

from LOTRO.  Thank you.

P.S.  Saw your vid.  There’s nothing wrong with your looks, so ignore

the jealous haters ;)

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January 12th – MLG referee MLG Wiggins will be our guest host for episode 85.

January 26th – EGMachine will be joining us and the Zerg love will continue to flow.

On February 9th – EGInControl will be our guest host.