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StarCast Forum Thread: Tiny.cc/EndSOPA
VotingonSOPAwilltakeplacethisThursday. Contact your representatives ASAP!

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I’m not in America so it doesn’t affect me.
A lot of the companies that would be affected are in the states.
Also America has a great deal of control over the internet.

DNS Takedown request from Universal Media Group.
Universal Media Group took down a music video on YouTube, done by P. Diddy and Kanye West, that supported MegaUpload and they DID NOT have rights to it.

DNS Blocking is used by China, Syria and Iran to sensor the internet.

Safe Harbor Rule
Unless the site is knowingly distributing copyrighted material they are not responsible for what their users upload.

With SOPA and PIPA (Protect IP), instead of having one video pulled from YouTube for copyright infringement.  YouTube itself, the entire site would be taken down without any due process (no trial at all).
Article: http://torrentfreak.com/universal-censors-megaupload-song-gets-branded-a-rogue-label-111210/

The majority of people debating in favor of this bill are not internet-savy people.  Should people who do not know how to even use a computer, let alone the internet, be deciding the future of the internet?

Piracy is an issue.  But using an atom bomb to deal with a small issue is not the answer.  Valve! A video game publisher who is directly hurt by piracy.  Gabe Newel the president of Valve said piracy is a service problem.  The way to defeat it is to provide a better service than piracy.

  1. Sites you visit daily could be blocked
  2. Email providers may be forced to censor links you send and receive
  3. The links and content you share on social networks will be monitored and censored
  4. Tools used by democracy activists in China and Iran will be blocked in the US one of the greatest flagships of democracy in the history of of our world
  5. Our shows StarCast and Biggest Fan could be taken down for merely mentioning copyrighted material.  I know that Kyle and I have made people, who would not of otherwise, purchase a copy of the game we do a show on.
  6. What about the next YouTube or Facebook?  These acts will stifle innovation and job creation.  One of the largest issues plaguing America right now.  Imagine another Google not coming into play because a site with pirated content shows up on their search?  Google employs a MASSIVE amount of people.  Do we really want to kill the chance for internet job creation in a time where we need to nurture every possible avenue to improve our countries job count?